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NO.1 You are troubleshooting problems with DHCP in relation to lightweight APs. They vendor class
identifier (VCI) is not specified in the DHCP server. When you contact vendor support, they inform
you that it is not necessary.
When is this information true?
A. When only one client option 60 value is required
B. When only one client option 43 value is required
C. When the DHCP server is directly connected to the subnet
D. When only one AP exists on the subnet
Answer: B
The DHCP server should be configured to provide the IP address information to the APs, but it may
also be required to pass information for option 43. Option 43 is a vendor information option and can
be used for any vendor purpose. The vendor class identifier
(VCI) (for example, "Cisco AP c3600") is used with option 60 to determine the appropriate
information to return with option 43.

NO.2 You are working in an organization that has implemented an SCA-based WLAN. You want to
change the RF channel for a single AP.
What can you do to perform this task with some SCA solutions?
A. Convert the network to MCA
B. Access the AP using Telnet and change the channel
C. Access the AP through the console port and change the channel
D. Access the AP using SSH and change the channel
Answer: A

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